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I know what youre listening to & Im still trying to figure out exactly what Hallsy does all day when hes not playing hockey, because its not books, movies, tv, or video games. Do you just stare at walls, bb?

I loved how after he said that he didn’t like the Batman films or Ryan Gosling, Cabbie was like ‘…but what else is there?’.

I’m thinking Hallsy works out, plays hockey, stares lovingly at Ebs, works out some more, naps, thinks about how much he loves Ebs, says something sassy on Twitter, plays hockey, bangs a hot chick, and falls asleep thinking fondly of Ebs.

  1. urrone said: See, probably, except I don’t think he bangs hot chicks, because where is he picking them up if not when he’s out with Ebs? he’s always out with Ebs, and when he’s out with Ebs he’s not picking up ladies, since it took him 10 min to get that question.
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